Since 2014 I have been presenting talks and workshops at some conferences:

  • BT7 Festival: "SVG Animation (workshop)" (November 2017)
  • ColdFront: "The Magic of Color" Slides | Video | Feedback
  • Char.la: "Más allá de los keyframes" Slides | Video
  • Dev Day Argentina: "El misterio de centrar en vertical" Slides | Video
  • Full Stack Tech: "Animar con código" Slides | Video
  • JSConf Colombia: "Animate with code" Slides | Video | Feedback
  • Escuela Da Vinci: "Reprogramando el secundario" Slides | Video
  • CSSConf Norway: "Raiders of the lost Transforms" Slides | Video
  • Front in Sampa: Talk "Newton Meets CSS" Slides | Video
  • SassSummit: Talk "Looping for Animation" Slides | Video
  • SassConf: Workshop "Looping for Animation" Slides | Video
  • CSSConf Australia: Talk "Newton Meets CSS" Slides | Video | Feedback
  • JSConf Argentina: Talk "Parallax 101" Slides | Video | Feedback
  • CSSConf US: Talk "What on Earth is Perspective?" Slides | Video

After 4 years teaching, I discovered I also enjoy giving presentations at conferences on CSS and animation. My talks are special because I always do live-coding and add a technical and historic background.

Contact me to speak at your event! Your audience will surely learn something new and have fun :)